Dry Cleaners In Glasgow

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The Dry Cleaning Process

Dry Cleaner

The commercial dry cleaners process begins in your local dry cleaning shop when you drop off your dirty clothes. Today, most dry cleaners in Glasgow ( or any other place!) do not have the very large and expensive cleaning equipment many will transport your laundry to a central cleaning facility.  Easy Laundry has its own state of the art Dry Cleaning Machinery and Plant in Glasgow. The garments then go through the following steps;

  1. Garment Tagging

    All garments are tagged with an id.   Our  dry cleaning staff use paper tags that are attached to the  garment. Your garments  are dry cleaned and tagging ensures that your clothes are returned to you correctly. 

  2. Garment Inspection

    Before clothes are cleaned, they are inspected for items left in pockets, rips, tears, and missing buttons. These items are returned to customers and problems are noted as issues known before cleaning.

  3. Stain Pre-treatment

    As part of the inspection process, our dry cleaner checks for stains on cloths and treats them before the solvent cleaning process. If you know what caused a specific stain, it is extremely helpful to tell the  dry cleaner to get the best results in the stain removal process. 

  4. Machine Dry Cleaning

    Soiled clothes are loaded into a large drum machine and cleaned with a water-free chemical solvent. The clothes are gently agitated in the solution which causes soils to loosen. The solvent is then drained, filtered, and recycled and the clothes are "rinsed" in a fresh solvent solution to flush away any last remains of soil.

  5. Post Spotting

    The dry cleaning process works very well in removing oil-based stains thanks to the chemical solvent. However, other types of stains are not always removed effectively. So, all garments are post spotted to look for remaining stains. The stains are treated with steam, water, or even a vacuum to remove any remaining traces.

  6. Finishing

    The final step includes getting the garment ready to wear. This includes steaming or pressing out wrinkles. We hand finish each garment for that 'back to new look'. Items are then hung or folded to return to the customer. The plastic bags provided are only there to help you get your clothes home without more stains. It's important to take them off right away away, to let your cloths air. 

How to Get the Best Results From Your Dry Cleaner

  • Always Read the Labels 

    This one may seem obvious but plenty of people pay no attention to the labels in their clothing, or even worse, tear them out completely. Your dry cleaner should always reference the labels before cleaning but you should be the first to call attention to any special care instructions or unique fabrics to ensure it is cleaned properly.

  • Don’t Try to Remove Your Own Stains 

    When we spill something on our clothes or notice a stain is tempting to try to remove the stain ourselves. Avoid the temptation and get it right to your dry cleaner instead. You are much more likely to make it worse by pushing the oil, dye, or food. deeper into the fabric making it even more difficult or even impossible to remove.

  • Be Sure to Point Out Any Stains During Drop-Off

    Always be sure to point out and identify stains so they can be properly marked and pre-treated during the cleaning.

  • Make Special Care Requests Up Front

    Always be sure to highlight any stains, delicate fabrics or embellishments at the time of drop off. Do not leave it to chance or simply assume all will be well during the dry cleaning process. Establishing a dialogue with your cleaner will give much better results that you and your clothes will appreciate.

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