How Drycleaners in Glasgow Are Working During COVID-19

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How Drycleaners in Glasgow Are Working During COVID-19

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Unfortunately, the by-product of a lockdown that was put in place to keep everyone safe was the implications it would have on people’s businesses. Being unable to open, no one was using in-person services including drycleaners. But as we begin to return to normal, the need for drycleaners is once again becoming apparent. People, such as businesspeople, teachers, and staff in uniforms who would normally meet with many different people each day now need to engage in rigorous hygiene measures to keep themselves and others safe.

The problem here is: What if you are meeting with someone while wearing a suit or a smart outfit? You cannot exactly throw a three-piece suit or a sophisticated dress in the washing machine, can you? Not unless you want to be slaving over a needle and thread and trying to hide discolouration all the time. Wanting to remain hygienic and presentable during this pandemic is going to be a difficult job, isn’t it? Not necessarily.

Dry cleaning businesses mean that your clothes get cleaned to a high standard, complying with the washing requirements of that garment. It means that you get your clothes returned to you looking clean, fresh, and undamaged, with excellent customer service alongside. You may also be surprised to hear that these dry-cleaning services are closer than you think, and they are not overly expensive either! If you live in Glasgow or the surrounding areas, Easy Laundry Drycleaners Glasgow is your one-stop shop for dry cleaning and laundry services.

During the pandemic and beyond, we are still ensuring that everyone in the area are getting their garments cleaned to an excellent standard. We do not just dry clean clothes either! Hosting an Airbnb in the city centre? Our conveniently located dry cleaner’s shops on Great Western Road and Maryhill Road will be more than happy to clean bed sheets and tea towels to keep your guests safe and reassured. Refreshing your home and want some curtains cleaned? Duvets and blankets not fit in your own machine? Come on down!

First and foremost, we are committed to keeping our customers safe. When you come into either of our dry-cleaner’s shops, you will see that social distancing is in place. We also ask that you wear a suitable face covering too, unless you are medically exempt and absolutely cannot wear a face covering. At any point where social distancing may not be possible, such as when we take your clothes, we have mitigations in place. All our staff have face coverings and gloves readily available in case they come into close contact with you. But most of all, we ask that you do not enter our dry cleaners if you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, to keep both our staff and the general public safe from harm. If this is the case however, we are more than happy to have you back once you are better!

When we take your clothes and/or garments, we will ensure they are safely stored before they are washed, minimizing hand-to-garment contact by wearing disposable gloves and storing them in a labelled bag. This is to keep our staff safe but will help break chains of transmission too, all while ensuring your clothes come to us safely and will be returned to you safely.

Once we have processed and stored your garments or clothes, we will keep to our existing high standards when washing them. We ensure they are washed separately from other customer’s garments, and at a temperature suitable for that item to prevent shrinkage or discolouration. Once that is done, we will dry and iron your clothes, so they are returned to you crisp and fresh. We will do this efficiently while maintaining our standards, so your garments are returned to you as quickly as possible.

Why should laundry be a hassle? We take your laundry into our safe, hygienic environment; wash it to our high standards and return it to you for a good price. Plus, with our convenient city centre location - just off the M8 motorway - you can pop in and leave your laundry with us while you go about your day. Plus, with our excellent COVID protection procedures along with high standards of equipment that we use to wash your garments, you can be rest assured that your items will be returned to you in perfect condition.

So, stay safe and hygienic for less and get your garments washed with Easy Laundry Drycleaners Glasgow!

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